Rebecca Holderness  
Rough Cut
Screened at Vassar Film Festival, Washington D.C. & Vassar on the Road, Los Angeles, CA 2007
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Rough Cut is a short film made in collaboration with Professor Emeritus Jim Steerman, founder and director of the Vassar College Film Department, and shot by Joe Foley, which featured students from UWM and Vassar, and professional actress Bill Block and Katy Selverstone. The film used a modern story juxtaposed to the classic story of Strindberg's Miss Julie. The film questioned how stories that are told influence and model our own behavior. Four short films were also shot and edited and remain in process with Chris Guse and Honor Malloy to create a mixed media live performance. The project proposal was framed to be site specific in the Mitchell Observatory and then created elsewhere. These plans are still in development. The overall project used combined funds and contributions of kind of over $25,000. Faculty and Students from the UWM film department were present at the original film shoot, managed by award-winning AD Tony Adler.

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