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Culture and Communities Partnership Grant on Aspects of the Diaspora in Blues, Vaudeville and Br'er Rabbit Stories – Recipient of 2008 (with Hartford University School.)

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Graduate Research Committee Grant for the development of plays and film with Vassar College and industry professionals, UWM 2006

Grant Documentation (PDF)
Grant Proposal (PDF)
Letter from James B. Steerman (PDF)


Last Days of Judas Iscariot. M Magazine, June 2010, Top pick for 2011.

Email correspondence (PDF)

Best of Theater 2000-2009: The Long Look Back: 49 theatrical reasons to miss the Zeros, by Byron Woods. Independent Weekly (January 06, 2010).


The Young and the Restless, by Paul Kosidowski. Milwaukee Magazine, September 2007.

Article (PDF)

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