Rebecca Holderness  
The Road North
The Black Swan, Grafon Blues Society Benefit. Grafton WI. 2009
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UWM News "UWM Department of Theatre launches Lab/Works series"

Comments by Collaborator Raoul Deal

Rebecca, John,  It was a pleasure to participate in this project.  Please share these thougths with your students:

To the cast and crew of The Road North

I just saw your Friday night show, and I want to say I was very moved by the passion of your performance.  I think the project is one of the most significant I have been involved with as an instructor.  The research that informed the play was fabulous, and gave me a new historical perspective I was not familiar with. The playful “conversation” between the music and the acting was very effective.  The guitar playing was AMAZING.  My students are stunned to learn that most of the actors had not acted before- indeed, I had to confirm that myself! I believe that the importance of this project goes beyond its run.  It represents  so many things that we as teachers and students should be mindful of- collaborative spirit, inclusiveness, recovery and dissemination of important forgotten histories, the power of art to transform the way we understand the world…………You should all be very proud.  I am.

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